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What is STEM Education?

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The Georgia Department of Education is dedicated to preparing students for 21st Century workplace careers by providing high quality educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In Georgia, STEM education is defined as an integrated curriculum (as opposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics taught in isolation) that is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory project/problem-based learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions. The saturation of technology in most fields means that all students – not just those who plan to pursue a STEM profession – will require a solid foundation in STEM to be productive members of the workforce.

The Georgia STEM Forum-Call for Presenters


Call for Presenters

Proposals are now being accepted for the following:

  • Hands-on labs
  • Presentations
  • Extended Workshops

      Presentation Rules

Content – The STEM Forum seeks to educate its audience and not promote any specific products.  Exhibit space is available for all promotional activity.  Only presentations that are STEM related and that fit within the conference strands will be considered.  Presentation selections will be made based upon desired topics, educational value and understanding of the content.  All selected content will be published in Forum publications and online.

Agenda Schedule The STEM Forum organizers will set the day and time for each presentation, in order to optimize the sequencing and flow of content and tracks. Every effort will be made to assign presenters to requested dates and times.  The Georgia Department of Education will notify all selected speakers by August 15,2014. 

Who Will Attend?

  • Career, Technical and Agricultural Educators and Administrators (Middle and High School)
  • Science Teachers and Administrators (Elementary, Middle, and High School)
  • Math Teachers and Administrators (Elementary, Middle, and High School)

Forum Strands

  • Increasing participation of women and minorities in STEM
  • STEM Project, Problem, or Place-Based Education
  • Integrated STEM instruction
  • Increasing rigor and relevance in STEM
  • Business/Community/Post-Secondary Partnerships
  • Effective STEM technology integration
  • STEM Competitions

To register for a presentation go to:

 *All presenters must be registered for the Forum in order to present.



Business, Industry, and Education Partners

Cengage Learning
Center for Disease Control
CPO Science
Discovery Learning
Fernbank Museum
Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Bio-Bus
Georgia College and State University
Georgia Gwinnett College
Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth

Georgia Power
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Georgia Tech
Georgia Transmission Corporation
Glencoe/McGraw Hill
iTeach Center @ Kennesaw State
Lab Aids
Learning Labs
LEGO Education
Life Labs

Lockheed Martin
Museum of Aviation
Pasco Scientific
Pearson Secondary Education
Pratt and Whitney
Quest Diagnostics
Sandy Springs Education Force
Technology Association of Georgia
Texas Instruments
University of Georgia
Usborne School Services
Valdosta State University