What is STEM Education?

Teacher panel at Exploring STEM School Designs Conference
Georgia STEM Festivals
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The Georgia Department of Education is dedicated to preparing students for 21st Century workplace careers by providing high quality educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In Georgia, STEM education is defined as an integrated curriculum (as opposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics taught in isolation) that is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory project/problem-based learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions. The saturation of technology in most fields means that all students – not just those who plan to pursue a STEM profession – will require a solid foundation in STEM to be productive members of the workforce.

Houston County Schools Earn STEM Certification

Houston County’s Northside Elementary and Eagle Springs Elementary was awarded STEM Certification by Georgia’s School Superintendent Richard Woods.  Northside Elementary boasts a strong engineering design program with high level math and science embedded within the rigorous lessons.  They are also supported by strong community and business partners such as Perdue Farms, Robins Air Force Base, and the Museum of Aviation.  Involved business partners are the cornerstone of Eagle Springs Elementary as the Department of Natural Resources, Master Gardeners, MERC, and others are visible in the school on a regular basis.  For additional information on the STEM program of these two stellar schools go to Northside Elementary or Eagle Springs Elementary.

Eagle Springs STEM Certification                                                    Northside Elem                                                              Superintendent Woods Awards Eagle Springs Elementary (upper photo) and Northside Elementary STEM Certification