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National Science Teachers Association Freebies

Fabulous free resources suitable for all subject areas.  Updated daily.

Google Resources

Google provides free resources to teachers, organizations and students.

Content to include Virtual Field Trips

Using Google+ (Google’s social media platform), teachers can promote STEM education to kids and teens. How it works: Through Google+ Hangouts on Air (a broadcasted video chat feature), and other multi-media posts, you will participate in live, interactive experiences – similar to the ones with Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium – via your computer. Partner institutions such as National Geographic, The San Diego Zoo, and Scientific American will host scheduled Hangouts on Air with STEM-related demonstrations or panels. If interested, please email Jeffrey Salvitti at indicating the Hangout you want you and/or your class to attend. 


Awesome Chemistry and Biology Teacher Resources

This site is designed to provide high school and middle school science teachers access to the materials and resources that I have collected during my 37 years of teaching in the field.  Some of the materials are of my own design, but many are those I have borrowed from others and refined for my own use. Nancy Clark

The Brain Teaching Modules

Amazing resources from the Annenberg Foundation

iPAD Apps to Improve Education

This Wiki houses information related to the iPad in Education sponsored by the Department of Educational Technology in theSchool District of Palm Beach County.

Reconstructors Games

This series of online games explores drugs of abuse (such as inhalants, Ecstasy, and opioids) and their effects on the human body. Produced by Rice University and targeted for middle school students, each game challenges students to gather scientific evidence, interpret data, conduct laboratory experiments, and solve a drug-related case. In informing students about the effects of each drug type, the games help students make safe choices when encountering drugs of abuse. The site includes accompanying teacher materials.

NBC Learn

Produced by NSF and NBC Learn, these multimedia learning series for middle and high school levels feature videos, documents, images, and lesson plans. Chemistry Now! examines the chemistry behind everyday items such as cheeseburgers, chocolate, soap, and plastics. Changing Planet follows the scientists studying the effects of rising temperatures in Earth’s air, water, and land. Science of NFL Football explores the physics, engineering, materials science, and math of the sport. Science of the Olympic Winter Games spotlights the scientific principles of skating, snowboarding, skiing, and other sports.


Full-length video lectures on various biological topics that move from broad introductions and progress to research questions and experiments. Recent lectures include Brain Tumors and Stem Cells; The Life of Eukaryotic RNA; Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food. Visitors to can access short talks that explore how research is practiced in the biological sciences. Recent talks include Lessons From My Life in Science and Animating Cell Biology.

Hooked on Science

Offers free worksheets and lesson plans for a range of grades on various topics in chemistry, physics, Earth science, math skills in science, and meteorology. Resources for science fairs and family science nights and for enforcing basic science skills are among those available, and archived experiments range from the Fizzics of Soda to the Thanksgiving Egg Drop. You can find an experiment for nearly every holiday!

Physics of Stone Arches

A stone arch combines two forces, downward and outward. For an arch and any columns below it to remain stable, builders need to counteract and balance those combined forces. With this interactive tool from PBS’s NOVA website, middle and high school students can work as medieval architects and build various arches and supports, learning about the forces involved along the way. Hints are provided to help students successfully build the structures.

Coaster Crafter: Build. Ride. Scream!

An immersive STEM learning game for 6-12 where students explore and practice key STEM concepts by designing, building, and sharing virtual roller coasters.

Climate CHECK

Climate CHECK is a free, Excel-based kit that teaches high school students about the science, drivers, and impacts of climate change and provides them with knowledge, tools, and resources to increase climate-change awareness and to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their school.