Georgia STEM Goals, Institute, Festivals, Certifications, & Webinars

Georgia STEM goals:

  • Empower students to become innovators and technologically proficient problem solvers
  • Ensure that all students have access to the appropriate technology conducive to enhancing their learning experiences both in and outside the traditional classroom
  • Increase student 21st century skills and technological literacy by providing students with opportunities to use the technical tools of the STEM industry
  • Guide community understanding of the importance of STEM education and build capacity to sustain a viable STEM educational program to prepare students for work and life in the 21st century
  • Increase Georgia’s capacity to provide high quality K-12 STEM professional learning opportunities
  • Nurture partnerships that allow schools and the business sector to join efforts to improve students’ STEM-career opportunities
  • Increase the number of students pursuing careers in STEM-related fields and/or post-secondary STEM related education/training

Georgia STEM Program Certification

Georgia schools may apply for state certification as an official STEM school. Click here to download application.

Georgia STEM School Certification

Georgia schools may apply for state certification as an official STEM school. Click here to download application.

Georgia STEM Institute

The Georgia Department of Education hosts a Georgia STEM Institute in the summer of each year.  Career Technical Educators, math, and science teachers immerse themselves in STEM for five days in Atlanta and five days in Savannah to help define what STEM is and how it should look in the classroom.  The unique program partners teachers with STEM industries who conduct workshops for the teachers, relate career opportunities, and demonstrate how their particular industry can be applied in the classroom. The STEM Institute application can be downloaded here.

Georgia Aerospace STEM Institute

Hosted by the Georgia Center of Innovation  Aerospace, Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, Middle GA Aerospace Workforce Alliance, Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia NASA Regional Educator Resource Center, the Institute will be held on June 19-20, 2012.  The purpose of the Institute is for teachers to use the Institute’s experiences to develop classroom instruction that integrates fundamental knowledge of science and mathematics with real world STEM applicationsThe Institute is limited to 20 participants and applicants are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Application for Georgia Aerospace STEM Festival

Georgia STEM Festivals

The Georgia STEM Festivals are hosted by high schools across the state.  The Festivals propose to foster public understanding of STEM and the relevance of STEM fields to everyday life.   They also serve to inspire and motivate students to consider a STEM career by creating an awareness of STEM possibilities for parents and students. STEM competitions, experiments, investigations, and design challenges available during the Festival plant seeds of possibility in the minds of students who may otherwise have never considered a STEM career.

STEM Classroom Feedback Rubric

What does a STEM classroom look like?  Georgia has developed the STEM Classroom Feedback Rubric for teachers to use as a metric for moving toward exemplary status.  The rubric can be downloaded here.

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STEM Webinars

Webinars conducted by the Department of Education to highlight the STEM focus of the Georgia Title IID ARRA grant recipients from 2010.  One middle school and one high school  from each Congressional District was awarded over $500,000 to improve the technology in the school and focus on a STEM program.