Lanier High School’s Center for Design and Technology Awarded STEM Certification


Lanier HS

The Georgia Department of Education proudly announces  the Lanier High School Center for Design and Technology (CDAT) has been awarded STEM Program Certification. David Turner, CTAE Director for the Department awarded their certification in a ceremony at the school.  Lanier is the 9th  school in the state to be awarded the designation.  The unique CDAT Program boasts three hour blocks of integrated instruction with computer applications, chemistry, biology, and English language arts in the mornings and a three hour afternoon block of computer applications, AP physics, honors physics, English language arts, history, economics, with mathematics integrated into classroom projects.  Students use computer projects and competitions as anchors for all instruction which is centered on the science standards.  Teachers move students within the three-hour block depending upon their academic needs and their project design.  The inclusive program accepts any student who in interested.  Standardized test results indicate that students in the CDAT program meet or exceed the results of students in the school who are not in the program.  For additional information on this stellar program go to


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