21st Century Tools: Free web tools available for teachers to use to enhance instruction and challenge students.

STEM Organizations: A plethora of connections to professional associations and organizations that promote STEM education.

Resources and Materials offer lesson plans, project ideas, presentations, videos, and many other useful classroom materials that teachers can use immediately.

Free Materials from NSTA – Many freebies that are applicable to a variety of science and CTAE curricula.

Types of Engineering Degrees-All types of engineering degrees are provided in summary on this site with a link to a full article with more detail on each where available. You can also find links to universities offering that specific degree, or use the below search to find available engineering degrees.

A Kid’s Guide to Engineering-A professional engineer studies many subjects to earn a degree in this field. Although you may not have the same knowledge and experience as a professional engineer, anyone can apply engineering principles to solve problems. You might produce a thing with engineering, or you could solve a problem. Explore the world of engineering to begin thinking like a specialized problem-solver.