STEM Georgia Initiatives

STEM Georgia School/Program Certification Georgia schools may apply for state certification as an official STEM school. Applications are available online at

STEM Georgia Certified Schools

These Georgia schools have passed the rigorous critieria to become STEM Certified. Each school has unique characteristics the Georgia Department of Education determined are the qualities of a STEM school. Read more about these schools online at

STEM Georgia Teachers Institute

Each summer, career and technical, mathematics, and science teachersimmerse themselves in STEM for five days to help define what STEM is and how it should look in the classroom after learning critical needs and topics from Georgia STEM industries.

STEM Georgia Teachers Academy

The STEM Georgia Teachers Academy is designed todevelop the tools K-12 teachers need to engage students in a STEM curriculum. The fine art of problem/project-based learning, effective integration of technology into the classroom so students become producers of digital content, introductory programming for teachers, and exposure to a wealth of STEM tools and resources are the cornerstone of this academy.  Application for the Academy will be posted March 1, 2015 on

Girls Adventures in STEM

Nontraditional workshops conducted primarily in South Georgia to foster a greater awareness and skill level for middle school-aged girls to consider entering a STEM- related field when choosing a career.

STEM Without Borders

High school students are partnered with Subject Matter

Experts (SMEs) from Georgia Tech and other universities as mentors while they conduct scientific research on a variety of topics. Students are invited to the host university for a one-day seminar and coaching event to develop a plan for implementation of the research.

The Georgia STEM Forum

The Georgia Department of Education’s premier conference on STEM education was held October 20-21, 2014 at the Classic Center in Athens. The Forum  featured STEM workshops, hands-on sessions, and engaging speakers.

STEM Georgia “300 in 3” Certified Schools/Programs Campaign

A campaign to assist 300 elementary, middle and high schools attain the designation as a STEM-Certified School/Program in three years is under way. This will increase the number of students exposed to a STEM education to 10 percent of Georgia’s public school population. Rubrics are available at to help interested schools measure their current level of STEM preparation.

Follow STEM Georgia on Twitter Immediate updates on grants, workshops, competitions, scholarships, and STEM resources are found at

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